Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Forever Christmas Eve

This sign is inside, above our front door. I keep it there all year round. I guess I want to have the Christmas spirit all year long.

This Christmas I started a glitter house collection. I have them displayed on my mantle and just love them! I'm thinking about keeping them there through the winter months. Thank you Target and Joann's!

The Santa I found at a yard sale for 25 cents.

I picked up a few faux Christmas treats at after Christmas sales. Thank you Sue for the darling Gingerbread house!

I made "Mary & Chris Moose" years ago. My oldest son, Josh even wore the little red outfit when he was 1 year old! So that makes Mary & Chris Moose 25 years old! As you can see I was trimming his hair back then, too! lol

We keep all of our Christmas decorations out until after New Year's Day. There are so many decorations we have collected over 29 years and they have such special meaning, especially the baby's first Christmas ornaments. So in just a few days I'll be packing them up. Good-bye Christmas and thank you, Lord for all of your Christmas blessings!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cottage Christmas

May your Christmas be full of blessings!

This is our family room for Christmas. We have another tree in the living room and a little pink one in our bedroom!

A little view of our Christmas village. I put the village down the middle of our dining room table this year. I really like it there! I think it will make a great center piece for our Christmas dinner.

Some of my favorite things are snowmen, mercy glass and glitter!

We just took Jaclyn to visit Santa in Lake Arrowhead. I think he was a great Santa and he told Jaclyn he remembered her from last year! She asked for a "Princess and the Frog" doll. I didn't know she wanted that. I've been looking and looking and looking...and there are none to be found!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Blessings

We had a quiet Thanksgiving this year. Jim had a show on Thanksgiving Eve and had to fly back home on Thanksgiving. We had dinner waiting when he arrived. The girls all helped with dinner which consisted of turkey, cornbread dressing, praline yams, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh cranberry sauce, ambrosia, and cresent rolls. I am so thankful for delicious food and my wonderful family! "Count your blessings, name then one by one".

Monkey Bread (homemade) for breakfast and watching the parade!

Jaclyn is helping with the pies!

Dinner is served! (Someone is being sneaky)!

Pumpkin cheesecake or chocolate cheesecake? Yum!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birthday at the Beach

With all the birthdays we just celebrated, mine was tucked in there too! In our family, we have four birthdays within six days! Believe me, we certainly didn't plan it that way! Anyways, we spent mine at Laguna Beach, just walking around looking at all the cute shops and enjoying the ocean. The weather was perfect and it was a very relaxing day.

Laguna Beach is my favorite beach. It is also where I grew up! I always love to come here. It brings back lots of good memories.

Cottage Furnishings in Laguna is full of inspiration!

Jaclyn posing for the picture!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

22 Years Ago!

We are so proud of Jaime and the beautiful young lady she has become. She has blessed us with 22 amazing years and I feel privileged to be her mom!

Actually, Jaime's Birthday was October 28. We were gone all last week at a camp where Jim was speaking, so we missed our sweet daughter, Jaime's birthday. She is away at College and I know she had a great day even though we could not be with her. We are celebrating her birthday this weekend! We love you, Jaime!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

18 Years Ago Today

I can't believe my sweet little Jessica is 18! How did that happen? Happy Birthday, Jessica! We love you so much!

We are amazed just to watch the way she is becoming a beautiful, grown-up young lady!

Friday, October 23, 2009

11 Years Ago Today

Eleven years ago today our sweet Jimmy was born! He is a special blessing from the Lord! He has such a sweet and gentle spirit and makes friends with everyone he meets. He has his Dad's good looks, too!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

29 Years Ago Today

Today is our 29th Anniversary!!! I can't believe it's been that long, because it seems just like yesterday that we got married! (Yes, I was a child bride!) lol We've had a wonderful life so far! The Lord has blessed us with 5 great kids and a fun, full-time ministry! Of course, we've had many difficult and challenging times, but through those times we have stayed committed to each other and the Lord has really blessed our marriage! I love you, Jim!!! Happy Anniversary!

As you can see we haven't changed at all! lol

He chased me until I caught him!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two year "Gotcha Day"!

Two years ago in China, Jaclyn was placed in our arms for the first time. She has changed so much, from speaking fluent Chinese, to now speaking English better than most 4 year olds!!!

 She has blessed our life more than we could have ever imagined.
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