Monday, May 31, 2010

Kitchen Update

I just wanted to post about my kitchen cabinets. I have finally finished painting them!! Since my daughter, Jessica is graduating from High School this Friday, I was very motivated to get it done!

I feel like I have a new kitchen!!!

I still need to add the knobs and drawer pulls, though. I bought some really cute "bin pulls" for all the drawers. I will be getting glass knobs for all of the cabinet doors.

I am so excited about the way this project has turned out. I think the white cabinets make my kitchen seem much bigger! This really was a big project, but it was definately worth it!!!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I love the way your kitchen cabinets turned out Janet. I really want to paint mine too. I'm a bit scared of that big of a project though. I know it's lots of work.

jAne said...

*l*o*v*e* your kitchen cabinets!

My kitchen counters are white.
My kitchen floor tile is white.
The walls are a soft yellow.
I'm wondering if white cabinets would be tooooo much white, as if that's a bad thing... ;o)

Thank you for visiting my little online cottage and hope you'll return. I'm rather enjoying my visit to your little place in the blogosphere.

Blessings in Him,

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