Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spaghetti Ice Cream - Yum !!!

My oldest daughter Jaime is attending college in Spain this semester. Jaime and her friends like to eat ice cream and gelato, but they just tried something new . . . spaghetti ice cream!!!  It's not spaghetti flavored ice cream, but it is actually vanilla ice cream squeezed through a pasta-type machine to make it look like spaghetti.  It has a strawberry topping to resemble tomato sauce and then it's sprinkled with white chocolate shavings to look like parmesan cheese! Jaime said it was amazing!

We really miss our sweet daughter and it's hard with her being so far away! I know she is having a wonderful time though. She is getting to see so much . . . in fact, she's going on a field trip to Ireland this week! She has already visited London and is planning a trip to Paris! I think when she finally arrives back home, she will be quite bored! 


jAne said...

hm. not quite sure how i feel about this dessert even though it really is ice cream, just a different shape. hm.

when your daughter returns home she'll relish in the embrace of **home**. i promise. :o)


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I love that. If you didn't tell us, I would've thought for sure it was spaghetti. I'm sure your daughter is having a wonderful time. My son just came in today and told me about a trip to Italy and Greece he'd been invited to for alumni of CBU. He's going to a meeting about it tomorrow. He's got the traveling bug too. He also mentioned that he'd really love to go to Ireland :-)

Incipient Wings said...

this looks so neat!
how wonderful for your daughter to experience such gorgeous places!
I'm sure she'll be happy to be home...for a while at least, lol!
have a great night.

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