Monday, March 5, 2012

Is Susan Really Lazy?

A few weeks ago, I found this Lazy Susan at a yard sale for $2.00. By the way, why is it called a Lazy Susan? I have no idea! Since my middle name is Susan, I really don't appreciate that! 

Anyway, this Lazy Susan was quite ugly and I just wish I had remembered to take a picture first, before painting her white! It's actually reminiscent of one we had when I was growing up. I really like how it turned out and especially like it on my kitchen table
I added a little vignette and now I have a whole new look in my dining area!
I just love it now! 
It's funny how finding little things at yard sales can make me so happy! I also found some more amazing treasures and will share them next time!

If anyone knows why it's called a Lazy Susan, please let me know!

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Update: I just wanted to give a shout out to my sister Jennifer for researching this question for me! She found an answer in Jewish World Review, June 17, 2002

Q. How did "lazy Susan'' come to be used for the rotating tray?
M. M., Coral Springs, Florida

Dear M.M.:
"Lazy Susan'' made its first written appearance in a Vanity Fair advertisement for a "Revolving Server or Lazy Susan'' in 1917. The device itself predates the name "lazy Susan,'' as many antique shoppers can tell you: These revolving serving trays have been around since the 1700s, where they were often tiered and called "dumbwaiters.'' Dumbwaiters were so called because they quietly (hence "dumb'') took the place of waiters in the dining room. (The term "dumbwaiter,'' of course, now usually refers to a small elevator used to carry food and dishes from one level in a building to another.)
What caused the name change from "dumbwaiter'' to "lazy Susan''? A popular theory suggests that servants were often named Susan, so that "Susan'' came to be almost a synonym for "servant,'' and the "lazy Susan'' was essentially functioning as a servant who never had to go anywhere (hence "lazy''). Another theory suggests that the name derives from a specific inept servant named Susan. Interesting as those stories are, there is no hard evidence to support either of them. The era of servants in most homes had ended long before the term "lazy Susan'' came into use, and, as you might expect, there is no evidence that most female servants were named Susan.
It is more than likely that "lazy Susan'' was styled on previous combinations in English that use "Susan'' ("black-eyed Susan'' being the most common). There are many such words in English that use names in a generic way: "peeping Tom,'' "jim-dandy,'' and "Jolly Roger'' are just a few. It is also possible that the combination of the "z'' sound in "lazy'' and the initial "s'' sound of "Susan'' appealed to the manufacturer of the lazy Susan, and in a brilliant marketing move, "lazy Susan'' was born.



Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

I don't know why Susan was lazy, but it sure made her famous!!! Love your vignette!!!

Susie said...

I really like the glass jar and all the things inside. I have no idea of lazy susans..Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

NanaDiana said...

Darling little Not-So-Lazy Susan. She looks pretty now! xo Diana

Gina said...

I have no idea why it's called a Lazy Susan, but it certainly looks great! Pretty vignette...I love the way you filled the apothecary jar.

Kimberly said...

Janet, I love what you did with the 'Lazy Susan' ... so pretty (and I have absolutely no idea why it's called that! ;)

Debbie Kay said...

Oh Janet, I love it! You have such a knack for putting together beautiful little vignettes.



Kim K. said...

What a lovely find! Your transformation is just delightful. A beautiful grouping.

luci wallis said...

Love the play on words.. your vignette is beautiful

Holly Loves Art said...

So cute! Loved your blog title and wow... what you've done is so beautiful. Following you now so we can keep in touch!
Take care,

Ana said...

It's amazing how many terms we use on a regular basis that have interesting this one. Anyway, your Spring vignette is very pretty. I absolutely love the little cup and seed packet in the apothocary. So pretty. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and Kisses,

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