Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best Day Ever!

It couldn't have been a more beautiful day for a wedding in Lake Arrowhead! This was the wedding of my niece Raeanna and her now husband Stephen. The weather was perfect and the lake setting was absolutely stunning!
The day before the wedding, we are getting the reception set up and I'm so thankful for all the willing helpers. My sister Robbie and I had less than two weeks to figure out how to decorate this room! The wedding stylist for some reason we don't understand bowed out less than two weeks before the wedding. It was very unfortunate and caused a lot of unneeded stress for my sister and her daughter, the soon to be bride. Then Robbie called me and asked for help and ideas!
 A few things had already been purchased such as the three glass vases for the tables. The tall vase was for flowers and the two smaller vases are for the candles. They needed to be embellished, however. I was finding lots and lots of ideas on Pinterest and Robbie loved everything! We decided to use burlap and lace for the table runners. 
(Oops, the backside of the vase is showing). The table numbers were made from mat board and painted with chalkboard paint. I used a chalk paint pen to write the numbers. (Thanks, Pinterest)! The candles had also been ordered and didn't fit all the way down in the glass vases. They could not be returned, so we filled them with a little sand from the beach!
Here's a photo shortly before everyone arrived. I just love this canopy! It was perfect hanging above the dance floor! The bride and groom table was right at the front of it. I only wish I had a picture of everything in the evening with all the twinkle lights glowing! The twinkle lights hanging down on the wall were wrapped with tulle. (Thanks again, Pinterest)!
Here's a closer picture of the bride and groom table. I was literally putting all this together two days before the wedding! My daughters, Jaime and Jessica helped immensely. Jaime wrapped their initials with lace and added some decorative buttons. Jessica put the Baby's Breath into little canning jars. They also made the pom poms under the canopy, helped decorate the vases and paint table numbers! They even came up with the idea to use props from our home. We gave the entryway to the reception a very vintage look and will show all of that on my next post!
I absolutely love this cake and especially love that it is sitting on the tree round. It fits in so nicely with the rustic and elegant theme... just perfect for a mountain wedding! (That's my table)!
I just had to share this beautiful photo of the view from the reception. It was held at Burnt Mill Beach Club in Lake Arrowhead.

More to come!!!



NanaDiana said...

What an absolutely beautiful wedding. Gorgeous place and what a perfect day- xo Diana

Amy Jo said...

Wow I loved every thing but especially the cake! I never would have thought of the tree round, but that is so cool.
I can't wait for the rest.

Amy Jo

Sheila said...

I love Lake fun,it looks like it was beautiful!


Gina said...

What a lovely wedding! You outdid yourself here, Janet! You should be proud of yourself for making your niece's day so special...and on such short notice too.

Kim K. said...

It's just breathtaking. You really did a fabulous job with all the special embellishments. The decorations are just beautiful.

Debbie Kay said...

Oh my Janet, you did a beautiful job. So elegant and oh so gorgeous.

You have an awesome talent.



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