Monday, August 26, 2013

Shower Flowers!

Jaime's bridal shower was so beautiful with all the pretty flowers we got from the L.A. Flower Mart! I absolutely adore this flower arrangement in the vintage train case! Jessica found it at a yard sale and it was so ugly, they just gave it to her! She painted it a light mint and added a few embellishments and it became the talk of the shower!
Do you know what kind of flowers these light peach ones are? Can you believe they are carnations? Usually carnations are my least favorite flower, but I think these are simply stunning! Love the Luray dishes, too!
 I really love the arrangement in this bird cage! I especially like how all the different flowers are arranged together! There are hydrangeas, imported roses, lisianthus, stock, Queen Anne's Lace, eucalyptus leaves and Spanish moss.
I grabbed this photo from Instagram. This is just before all the guests arrived. We were blessed to have so many ladies come and celebrate Jaime's bridal shower!
Here are some of the favors we made for the shower! I have to admit, I stole this idea from Pinterest! Michael, my future son-in-law spray painted the mason jars for me! I think they look so cute filled with succulents! I can't believe the wedding is just three weeks away!!! 


Monday, August 19, 2013

A Fun Trip to the L.A. Flower Mart!

We are finally back from our five week tour and I knew I would arrive home with my feet running! It's just one month now until my daughter Jaime's wedding! My daughter Jessica had been planning a bridal shower for Jaime since she is the Maid of Honor. 
We had to make an early morning trip to the L.A. Flower Market on the day of the shower! It was still dark out when we left home and the sun was just coming up when we arrived! This place is absolutely amazing! Aren't these hydrangeas beautiful?
This was my first trip to the flower mart with Jessica and Collette. Jessica has been interning for Collette for almost two years now. Collette is an amazing floral designer and is frequently featured in many online wedding magazines!
Jessica is styling this bridal shower all by herself! She walked around the flower mart just like a pro thoughtfully choosing all the flowers for todays arrangements. I learned it takes a very good eye to choose just the right flowers.
My very sweet daughter Jessica (haha) and Collette from Brier Rose Designs.
I bought tons of succulents for shower favors! This is the best place to buy them! I will show you what we did with them and all the beautiful flower arrangements in my next post!


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